South Sound Women's Center, an OB/GYN Practice in Olympia, WA

Birth Control / Contraception


Hormonal Contraceptive Management

  • Birth Control Patch (Once weekly-OrthoEvra)
  • Birth Control Ring (Intravaginal for 3 weeks at a time-Nuvaring)
  • Oral Contraception (1-12 month cycle length)
  • Depo Provera (Every 3 month shot)
  • Nexplanon (Hormone intradermal implant)

Intrauterine Device (IUD)

  • Mirena IUD (5 year IUD with hormone that prevents periods)
  • Paragard IUD (10 year IUD without hormone)

Other Methods

  • Diaphragm fitting and management
  • Natural family planning
  • Barrier methods (condoms, foam etc.)

Permanent Sterilization

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