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Evaluation of Irregular or Abnormal Bleeding

Our providers are experienced at dealing with abnormal bleeding and/or painful periods. The choices for treatment range from medication to major surgery. The best method will depend on our workup and your needs.
Many times the cause is irregular ovarian function due to approaching menopause and can be controlled with hormone therapy (Birth Control Pill, Ring, Patch or the IUD) .

Recently, we have added an in office procedure known as endometrial ablation using a device known as Novasure. The technique involves cauterizing the uterine lining, destroying the glandular cells. It is specifically for women with regular but excessive menstrual bleeding.

Women who suffer excessive bleeding with their periods had hysterectomy as their only effective surgical choice. Now, with Novasure, women can have an in office procedure with minimal sedation under local anesthesia that results in a >60% rate of no more periods, and a 97% rate of satisfaction with the amount of bleeding after the procedure.

We also have an in office procedure to evaluate the uterine cavity known as Hysteroscopy. The technique involves looking inside the uterus with a special device using saline to distend the cavity. Biopsies can be taken if needed. No sedation is needed unless it is done at the same time as Novasure. A local anesthetic is needed even if Novasure is not done.

If major surgery is needed, our doctors have extensive experience performing Hysterectomies and strive to remove the uterus through the vagina (no abdominal incision) if it can be done safely. This results in less time in the hospital and a more rapid recovery.

Patients who require a hospital stay are cared for in a private room on the Womens Services floor at Capital Medical Center.

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