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Fertility Drug Management

Several medications are used to manage infertility.  They fall into 3 categories:

  • Ovulation induction agents
  • Progesterone deficiency agents
  • Agents that counter abnormal clotting properties in patients with repeated pregnancy loss.

Clomiphene citrate is the medication used to induce ovulation in patients who have this problem.  Your provider will determine if this medication is appropriate for you based on your menstrual cycle history and lab testing.

Progesterone tablets and suppositories are the medication used to supplement the amount of progesterone in the body of women who have a deficiency of this hormone that results in early pregnancy loss.  Fortunately, this condition is rare and is diagnosed by measuring progesterone levels or surmising this is the problem due to the timing of a pregnancy loss.

Blood thinning agents such as heparin or low dose aspirin can be prescribed for patients who have congenital clotting abnormalities that result in repeated pregnancy loss.   This condition is diagnosed with special lab tests.

If your specific circumstances require more advanced medical treatment, you will be referred to an infertility specialist.

For a more in depth discussion of this topic, you can go here.

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